Which is known as deferred deep back linking (since you defer the getting until after the software is set up)

Which is known as deferred deep back linking (since you defer the getting until after the software is set up)

Which is known as deferred deep back linking (since you defer the getting until after the software is set up)

You may remember that I began the AppsFlyer story with exactly how accessing this content within the strong hyperlink worked if you wish to install the software 1st.

Here is the only bit which we failed to perform ourselves whilst still being used AppsFlyer to assist you with this specific. In theory, you could potentially do so yourselves – we just did not need or want to.

What is the concept behind they? The user opens an AppsFlyer http link, an individual is fingerprinted with whatever you can seize from Safari (i.e. IP address, iPhone product, clock delay etc.), and redirected toward software Store. The consumer installs the app and introduces they. Afterwards, the AppsFlyer SDK states exactly the same data (ip, cellphone unit etc.) for their host. The servers next correlates whatever they had gotten through the SDK with people whom recently followed backlinks connected with this software and draws in conclusion concerning which hyperlink has to be started.

Here is the way it all works with each other. The minifier redirects to our hyperlink. If app just isn’t started from this aim, it means your software is certainly not set up, and thus it really is sensible to reroute to AppsFlyer. AppsFlyer redirects toward Application Store with monitoring and really does what it needs to carry out since expressed above.

Although we were hectic undertaking this all material, somebody from QA concerned you and said, aˆ?Guys, I am delivering a hyperlink to me via Telegram, Skype and HipChat and absolutely nothing is actually functioning once I tap on themaˆ? so we address, aˆ?wait, its working on all of our machines.aˆ?

The storyline with SafariViewController is wholly tragic. Discover the deal. Fruit’s concept is whenever a person starts Safari, goes into a universal connect and presses insert, it does not open a loan application. That produces feel; in case you are a user, you do not anticipate, whenever you press type in the browser, you will abruptly feel tossed into a new software.

In the event that consumer clicked on a web link in identical site wherein these are generally presently operating, it generally does not open the applying

Whenever software opens SafariViewController , identical thing happens, like an individual got entered the hyperlink in to the screen and had pushed Enter. It is impossible to open up a universal connect if the application utilizes SafariViewController.

If consumer registered the link into Safari themselves or opened SafariViewController – nothing performs. You will be obligated to exhibit an internet page or reroute to application shop. We thought about this for a while after which developed a solution.

Here is the tip: since we are obligated to opened a web site web page, we will open up the net web page. Common website links do work when unwrapped from SafariViewController , therefore we’ll just has a button that url to the identical webpage. In principle, that will trigger the universal link.

It is all very easy: we establish two domains and enter them both as an universal website link. This is what it appears like.

Oahu is the second bit which does not sound right

The user opens up m.badoo , nevertheless the link regarding the key will cause you to mlink.badoo . You can even replicate this back link and deliver they; it truly does work both tactics. Both these domain names work for united states as equivalents. Correspondingly, if a person starts mlink.badoo , the web link throughout the option will be to m.badoo .


Now, the minifier redirects fully website link. The total connect on m.badoo programs a preview which directs to mlink.badoo via the key. The choice website link on mlink.badoo redirects to AppsFlyer, and from that point the consumer is actually rerouted for the software Store with tracking.