If you’re in a triad, hooking up along with other folks in close interactions can be really beneficial.

If you’re in a triad, hooking up along with other folks in close interactions can be really beneficial.

If you’re in a triad, hooking up along with other folks in close interactions can be really beneficial.

Shopping For Additional Triads?

Seeing various other triads makes it possible to become considerably alone, and that can provide the opportunity to go over your specific union trouble and joys. Amazingly, the right place we have discovered to get in touch along with other triads has become Instagram. Indeed, the Facebook team expanded from our connectivity here. We started the “family membership,”, when we had been with each other about a year. We begun the accounts with all the purpose of showing the planet that a poly group is outstanding place for girls and boys; to connect together with other triads; and also to normalize the idea of a committed, three-person commitment.

Subsequently, we regarding a large number of different triads making lots of authentic buddies through the membership. it is too bad that we’re all so far-flung, but hopefully to get to know many of these triads someday!

Only starting out? Or even you’re merely curious about what live as an element of a triad appears like?

Here are my guidelines of 5 triads to follow along with on Instagram:

I am publishing considerably listings similar to this as there were numerous great your!

The TriplettTriad: Crystal, Joey and Jamie

Crystal, Joey and Jamie happen revealing their particular commitment freely on Instagram, and frequently post pictures of the activities as a triad and also as a family group. They usually have one son and have now lately put a sphinx cat with their family. From happen to be family members fun times, their particular adventures outdoors to burlesque concerts and getting out as a triad, these three will always be very happy to communicate a behind-the-scenes consider their unique unusual, enjoying and committed union.

The SullyTriad: Friend, check out here Lauren and Rose

Buddy, Lauren and flower bring a sizable and flourishing parents with four little kids and all of the busyness and fun that come with that! On Instagram as a triad since Summer 2015 and featured in SPEAK magazine in the united kingdom and on TLC UK’s My personal Extraordinary Pregnancy, these three are content to display the world just how warm and healthy a household with three moms and dads may be. Lauren and flower bring even experienced maternity along, having a baby with their youngest sons within months of 1 another. They truly are currently getting equal parenting/adoption legal rights regarding three parents.


These three just started their unique Instagram levels in January 2017, but they’re too sweet to overlook. They’ve lately relocated in together and are parenting two young ones, who show up (using their Instagram feed) to-be the middle of these lives. These three blog post plenty images along and with the family. Please note that the is an exclusive levels, which means you will have to request approval to follow along with her profile.

ThrupleLove: Chris, Matt and Cait

Chris, Matt and Cait has plenty fun that I have to admit I’m frequently just jealous of just what they’re as much as. They live in nyc and also started along. You could reside vicariously through all of them, imagining yourself surviving in a triad (err… thruple) having full advantage of NYC community and night lifestyle… if an individual desired to… you understand…

The StrudelFamily

Prepare, while there is an overburden of cuteness right here. There clearly was an adorable kid there include kitties! As a triad, we a little bit of a soft place for those men automatically because 1) CATS and 2) they babywear everyday and they do so really! (Unrelated tangent, sorry, but Andi and that I become both huge supporters of babywearing – we used to be a babywearing educator and merchant and Andi still is an educator today). Victoria, Jacqueline and Josh got their particular kid with each other in and also have become uploading on Instagram as a triad since Summer 2015.

Do their triad or pod bring an Instagram profile? Feel free to post about this below if you’d want to relate to other individuals! it is constantly fantastic observe people live the poly life and to link over those struggles and victories all of us face.